Commentary & guest comic: Save the #11 Lincoln bus

Comic by Sarah Morton

Although the CTA considers the #11 Lincoln bus to be a heavily used line, nearly four miles of the route will be cut this winter. 60625 guest contributor and comic book artist Sarah Morton shows here one of the many potential implications of cutting service. Many thanks to Sarah for her take on the issue.

The CTA has deemed the bus route redundant, saying that the brown line “L” service already covers the stretch along Lincoln where they plan to eliminate bus service.

Their argument is that the brown line stations between Western and Fullerton are all within walking distance of Lincoln Avenue. While this is true, those extra steps to the train are going to feel a lot longer in December, which is the month bus service is slated to end. Soon it will be harder to get from point A to point B along Lincoln, and it will be harder for those outside the area to come enjoy what this beautiful stretch of Lincoln has to offer.

It’s already a shame when the CTA has to make cuts to bus lines that aren’t used often enough to justify their costs. But cutting service to a bus route that the CTA admits is busy and serves thousands of passengers a week is even worse. When it comes to public transit, the more options the better.

If you feel the same way, take a look at this petition aimed at convincing the CTA to please continue service. Maybe it’s not too late to save the #11 Lincoln bus.

-Meryl Williams, 60625

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  1. I know the CTA has smart planners who know how to crunch numbers and analyze travel patterns. But I can’t help wondering if cutting four miles from the No. 11 route will eliminate some transfers to the Brown Line from people starting outside of the four-mile stretch. There tends to be an intricate relationship between bus and train connections.

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