Greater Rockwell Organization hosts Rep. Quigley, plans block party

The Greater Rockwell Organization held its monthly meeting July 2 and had a politician visit to let members know what’s going on in D.C. The group also discussed the organization’s upcoming annual Block Party.

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley , 5th congressional district, attended the meeting to give an overview of the happenings on a national level and how they affect Illinois and Chicago.

He visited the Greater Rockwell Organization to inform members and let them that he is available to help. He discussed problems Congress is working on as well as problems he feels are being ignored.

“The fundamental problem in D.C. right now isn’t Democrat or Republican,” said Quigley, “it’s the fact that we can’t get past this debt and deficit issue to get past what you see as sequestration.”

Some of the other topics of discussion that are problems include immigration reform, student loans, post office use, climate change, and gun control. He says that the best approach for these issues and others is to go through it “one bill at a time.”

“I remind my friends that I live in a city where children’s number one fear is being shot,” said Quigley. “When I was growing up I don’t remember what my number one fear was… getting a detention or getting braces. I was never afraid of getting shot.”

Quigley touched on other problems in Chicago, including police force under-staffing and its effect in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Despite the issues that haven’t been resolved yet, there are positive changes being made. Acts were passed such as a piece of public transparency legislation and a clean-up-government plan.

In other business, GRO’s block party is scheduled for August 24, and the permit for the event has already been given. The band that performed last year, Mulligan Stew, will play this year as well.

The committee is still planning activities and are looking for ideas and suggestions. Some of the possible activities include mini golf, bozo buckets and a pinata. There will also be a raffle with prizes.

The board discussed the option to allow members to pay online, possibly through the use of PayPal. This topic was tabled so research may be done for this as a possibility for the future.

An issue that occurred in the area that has been resolved was at a live poultry store on Lawrence. Animal parts were not properly disposed of and were left in a nearby alley. A member of the Greater Rockwell Organization even called Wards 40 and 47, but received no response.

There have not been anymore issues reported at the location since the meeting. Since this incident, an inspection of the store has been planned.

A food drive is running this month July 27-28. Volunteers can drop off goods at Bloom Yoga and 2527 W Eastward. All donations go to Common Pantry .

From June’s year sale, the organization raised just over $180 in sales, which is high compared to the past sales.

Next month’s meeting is scheduled Aug. 6 at Luther Memorial Church at 7:30 p.m.

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