Thanks for everything, 60625!

[Editor’s note: This is Amanda’s last week as 60625’s first-ever summer intern. She will soon begin her senior year at Muskingum University in Ohio. We will miss her!]

I’ve had such a blast working for 60625 News and being able to learn more about the ZIP and its culture, businesses and residents. Everyone I got to interact with was friendly and helpful. From talking to businesses to seeing the culture of the area at festivals, I felt welcomed and excited to come back week after week. So, thank you!

Before I started this internship, I was not a city person and had a perception that all of Chicago was the same. I was proven wrong. Every part of Chicago is unique, and residents care very much about the neighborhood he or she lives in, along with the businesses and local events. I appreciate this new outlook!

I’ll be heading back to school to finish my last semester, and I will miss this great neighborhood I got to explore and experience this summer. A HUGE thank you to Meryl and 60625 News for accepting an intern this summer! I hope to be back in the area a lot more, and who knows, maybe contribute here and there in the future!

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