Then and Now: Lincoln Ave in 2005 and 2013

This is part of a monthly comic series about urban planning in Lincoln Square, by artist Sarah Morton .

For this month’s comic, Sarah took a look at two different editions of the “Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago” and compared Lincoln Avenue’s listings from 2005 to today.

Residents who have been here since or before 2005 may remember some of the businesses listed below. Overall, it looks like Lincoln Avenue in our neck of the woods has a decent retention rate in terms of restaurants and stores. As Sarah points out, many have been open since the 80s.

Through her research, Sarah also dug up this neat find from 1996, an article in the Tribune touting Lincoln Square’s “Old World influences.” Places listed there, like Timeless Toys and Merz Apothecary, are still open for business today.

Check out Sarah’s comic below for more. Were you in the area eight or nine years ago?

6 responses to “ Then and Now: Lincoln Ave in 2005 and 2013

  1. Super cool! I didn’t realize how soon after lots of these businesses and restaurants opened here that I moved to the area! I had no idea they were new-ish in 2007!

  2. So much has changed… Costellos was a full-service, old-school shoe store up through 1993 or so. Starbucks at Wilson and Lincoln was “the Washing Well” (coin laundry), Timeless Toys was a Hallmark store.

  3. As a resident since 2002, I’ve seen many of the changes listed. I also happened to have the day off work and be walking down Lincoln Avenue when they were installed the archways. I should dig those photos out sometime.

      • Meryl, I found the photos! They installed the south arch on November 25, 2002. I have 117 photos of the installation. Wow. That’s a lot of photos. I thought there would be a dozen. But this is ten dozen! Maybe I’ll make them into a Youtube video. But then I would need some music or something in the background.

        It would be cool to get local’s people’s thoughts about the arches and play that as the background sound.

      • Matt, that’s amazing! Should you make a video, or present them in some way, I’d love to write a post about them. Who would you want to speak to you about the arches? That could be a fun story, too. Please keep me posted! Maybe we can work on something together if you need help.

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