Divvy up: Biking in 60625 with Chicago’s bike share program

This is part of a monthly comic series about urban planning in Lincoln Square, by artist Sarah Morton .

Sarah’s comic topic for December makes us think of warmer times, unless you’re a die-hard: Cycling in the ZIP. Thanks to Divvy , Chicago’s bike share program, you can zoom up and down Lincoln Avenue the length of the ZIP (in lieu of the #11 Lincoln bus, RIP . Never forget!). Additionally, Divvy will soon expand into the western half of the ZIP, with four new stations west of Western Avenue coming in 2014. Check it out below. Divvy_pg2 To learn more about Divvy, visit their site .

2 responses to “ Divvy up: Biking in 60625 with Chicago’s bike share program

  1. You can ride all year in Chicago without being a die-hard. Because you’re moving around, you stay much warmer than waiting for a bus or train or than sitting in a frozen car. It’s very easy to stay warm through temperatures in the low 30s. Just be sure to have decent gloves and socks!

  2. I’m so happy to see Divvy expanding beyond Western in 2014. I just wish they would have a station at Peterson and the North Shore Channel Trail. I’d like to be able to rent a bike at my nearby Western, and then ride it up the North Shore Channel Trail to Peterson. Swap out bikes and then return back to Western.

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